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After the long winter, a thick coat of ice preserves the shores of the East coast of Greenland. These shores have long been coveted by the great explorers and approaching them means being in tune with powerful yet fragile nature; only the present matters here. Aboard Le Commandant Charcot, designed for polar exploration, you will explore the hypnotic and icy landscapes of the Ammassalik and Blosseville regions. You will respectfully access these exceptional lands, which are inaccessible to traditional ships during the spring. The uncertainty here offers surprises and immaqa (perhaps, in Inuktitut) moments frozen in time. As is taught by Inuit wisdom, life thrives on the present moment.

The colourful traditional houses make the isolated villages stand out in the surrounding whiteness. The Inuit (men, in Inuktitut) follow the rhythm of the changing seasons and the ice, as they perpetuate their traditions, such as hunting on dog sleds. An outing alongside the last hunters of the polar region will have you intoxicated by various sensations aboard this ancient means of transport. Among the first outside visitors of the season, you will be warmly welcomed by the community. During privileged exchanges mixed with joyful and authentic moments, you will learn about the village customs on the ice floe. Inuit hospitality is no myth, it is given in the warmth of a look or an exchanged smile.

As the midnight sun illuminates the white desert and the calving glaciers, you will walk through different states and forms of ice, a constantly evolving spectacle. Aboard Le Commandant Charcot or on the ice floe, you will have opportunities for exploration among the fields of ice and the scenery of the hummocks that are as sublime as they are chaotic. You will enjoy an outing by kayak or zodiac in a polynya (area of open water surrounded by ice), or a polar hike to approach the icebergs caught in the ice floe. From the enveloping refuge of the ship, you will be able to admire a flock of eiders flying above the horizon, a majestic blue whale hugging the waves, or the great nanuk – the polar bear – and its impressive silhouette.

On the East coast of Greenland, all notions of time and distance are forgotten. The only thing that counts is the intensity of the moment spent in the heart of the ice. “Delight in what comes up”, as Sylvain Tesson wrote in The Velvet Queen.

We are privileged guests in these extreme lands where we are at the mercy of weather and ice conditions. Our navigation, mainly in the fjords, will be determined by the type of ice we come across; as the fast ice must be preserved, we will take this into account from day to day in our itineraries. The sailing programme, outings, activities and observation of fauna cannot be guaranteed and are subject to weather and ice conditions. The experiences are unique and vary from day to day and for each departure. The Captain and the Expedition Leader will make every effort to ensure that your experience is as rich as possible, while respecting safety instructions and regulations imposed by the AECO. 

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Day Port Arrive Depart
1 Reykjavík 10:00 PM
2 Sailing Through The Denmark Strait
3 Exploration Of Ammassalik Region
4 Exploration Of Ammassalik Region
5 Exploration Of Ammassalik Region
6 Exploration Of Ammassalik Region
7 Exploration Of Ammassalik Region
8 Exploration Of Ammassalik Region
9 Blosseville Coast
10 Sailing Through The Denmark Strait
11 Reykjavík 7:00 AM
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